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Covid Protocols

Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, creating an exact timeline for resuming “normal” operations is not feasible.  We will continue to monitor applicable state and local guidance, practices within the Jewish community, and surrounding religious and non-religious organizations to determine next steps for reopening services, programs, in-office staff operations, and outside events.

                                           The success of our Reopening action plan relies on how well everyone follows social distancing and health and safety protocols. 

                                                  As such, the following protocols have been implemented to ensure your health and safety. Please bring any concerns regarding the following protocols to the Reopening team.     


  • We will begin our reopening with the suggested guidelines of no more than 50 people per gathering. We will prioritize outdoor gatherings whenever possible.

  • Pre-registration required for all programs, events, services, etc., to ensure maximum numbers are not exceeded.

  • Upon entry to the synagogue every individual must sign in for contract tracing (if it is Shabbat or Yom Tov we will ask someone from Maintenance to be on site to fill them out on our behalf).

  • Hand sanitizer use – Sanitizer stations are spread around the building and should be used regularly.

  • Guests will be reminded that if they are experiencing any Covid symptoms or have been exposed to please remain home until it is safe to return.

  • All adults aged 12 and up (children are recommended but not required) must always wear masks within the building. Extras are available in the office as needed.

  • Bathroom stalls and faucets have been set to every other for social distancing measures.

  • Sanitation is consistently done frequently during the day throughout the building.

  • Drinking fountains will be turned off to avoid use. Members and staff are encouraged to bring their own water bottles when entering the building for any reason.

  • Food and drink - At the current time no food and drink service in the building is approved.

  • Upon entry to the sanctuary for services guests will find one-way signage to go through Founders Hall and proceed through West Wing to enter the sanctuary. Guests will exit through the side closest to the Rabbis Lectern (up the ramp to Presidents Hall).

  • Guests will be asked to sit every other row unless they are sitting with family who reside in the same household. We will ask guests to stay 6 feet away from others whether praying, walking, working, or otherwise engaged.

  • Guests will be asked to avoid contact with others whenever possible (e.g., handshakes, hugs).

  • Follow any posted signage regarding COVID-19 social distancing practices

  • Our maintenance team has explored how to increase the filtration in our building’s ventilation system, consistent with engineering requirements. We are fully compliant with the system we have.


*We are in the process of exploring technology for streaming purposes that can be used for both virtual services as well as virtual meetings.


Thu, October 29 2020 11 Cheshvan 5781