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Hebrew Immersion Program - דובונים

One of a Kind Opportunity
Our Hebrew Immersion Program is a one of a kind program in the Albany Community! Research shows that Early Childhood is the best time for young children to learn languages. In our Hebrew Immersion program, the entire class is instructed in Hebrew so that the children get to experience learning Hebrew in a natural, hands on way. The goal of our Hebrew Immersion program is to mimic how young children learn their first language. With babies, we simply speak and use hand motions and they begin to understand what we are communicating to them. The same methods are used every day in the Hebrew Immersion Class. Stories are told in Hebrew with a lot of props so that the children understand the story line. Songs and finger plays are all in Hebrew and allow the children to experience learning Hebrew in a fun, hands on way! The best way for you to learn about the Hebrew Immersion Classroom is to come and see it in action! You will be amazed at how much the children understand and can communicate.
Program Enhancements
Enriched Jewish Learning
Jewish holidays and experiences add the flavor to our curriculum. Each week we celebrate Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, and Havdallah, the ceremony that ends the day of rest. Throughout the year, we experience the different Jewish holidays. The children explore these holidays through hands-on activities, music, and dance!

Field Trips
We enrich our children’s learning with special trips throughout the year. A visit to the apple orchard, NYS Museum and The Albany Symphony Orchestra Tiny Tots Concert are just a few of our annual field trips.

Enrichment Programs
Join in on these fun, interactive and educational activities that take place throughout the school year from 1:15-2:00 each day.  Our enrichment classes include Soccer Tots, Amazing Athletes, cooking classes and more.

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Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782