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Passover 5781

A complete Pesach 5781 Schedule can be found on Page 12 of the bulletin or view upcoming events on our calendar page.

 Downloadable Resource Documents Can Be Found at the Bottom of this Page

The Fast of the First Born will be Thursday, March 25


Don't forget to sell your Chametz!


Yizkor Reading will be Sunday, April 4



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Book of Remembrance



A Jewish Scavenger Hunt - The Search for Chametz (Leaven)


The search is to be conducted Thursday, March 25, 2021. The search is conducted as early as possible following sundown.  For those who cannot conduct the search at that time, the entire night is available. However, the search must be concluded by sunrise of the following morning.

The search is done at night, traditionally using the light of a candle. You may want to consider a small flashlight.  Ten (10) pieces of bread, or other chametz products, are placed in different areas of the house,      areas in which it would be customary and usual to find chametz during the course of the year (thus excluding bathrooms from being “searched.”)

 Immediately before the search, after the candle has been lit, the blessing below is recited.  After the search has been concluded, a Declaration of Nullification is recited. Ideally, there should be no talking between the   time we recite the opening blessing and the time we conclude the Declaration of Nullification.  

As the “search” proceeds, the “found” pieces are scooped up with a feather and wooden spoon into a  receptacle (usually a napkin or paper plate).  The receptacle and the implement used to scoop the chametz into the receptacle are all wrapped together carefully and placed in a section of the house where it will not come in contact with the Pesah products which have already been set up.

Bedikat Hametz Search



Passover Guides and B’deekat Chametz kits are available in the synagogue office.

B'Deekat Chametz Blessings


Printable file of B'Deekat Chametz Blessings

Passover 5781 Event Schedule

Passover Palooza
Stories, Music & Crafts (Ages 3-8)

Thursday, Mar. 11 | 4:30PM

Raise Your Hand
Virtual Concert

Sunday, Mar. 21 | 4:00 PM

Passover Parodies
Kahoot (on Zoom)

Tuesday, Mar 23 | 7:30PM


TI Take Out
Kosher for Passover

Mar. 24 - 26


Cooking Together
Multigenerational Zoom

Tuesday, Mar. 30 | 11:00 AM

Mon, March 8 2021 24 Adar 5781