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Welcome to the Herman and Libbie Michaelson Early Childhood Center


We believe that children deserve time to create, explore, question, and play during their early years! A wide variety of activities are offered daily that encourage the children to think outside the box and develop as individuals! Our focus is on making the first school experience a rich, loving one for each and every child and family! Well-educated and experienced professionals provide your child with rich and diverse activities designed to engage, stimulate and educate.



Nursery School and Daycare

We understand that many families now need a full day program for their children. By offering a Nursery School program in the morning, children learn in a structured, enriched environment, and then in the afternoon we offer the children a time to explore and create in a mixed age group. Our afternoon child care program mimics the neighborhood feeling of years ago, when 2 year olds and 4 year olds interacted, played together and learned from each other.

If you have any questions please call , the Nursery School office, at 518-438-7858, Ext. 120, or email us at 


 (518) 438-7858 ext. 120    /

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