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Hadar, Temple Israel’s Judaic Art and Gift Center, is the premiere Judaica store in New York’s Capital District.  The store has it’s roots in Temple Israel’s Gift Shop which was created in the late 1940’s.

Hiddur Mitzvah

Ever since God told Moses to oversee construction of the Tabernacle and all its ritual objects, Jews have followed in the footsteps of Bezalel, creating beautiful Judaica for the fulfillment and enhancement of rituals.  By using something special and beautiful for rituals, we are raising our own spiritual experience up a notch.  The concept of hiddur mitzvahor “beautification of the commandment,” is reflected in our name, Hadar, meaning “beauty” or “glory“.  This is one of the lessons of Judaism, and this is the philosophy of our Judaica Center.

Hadar Hours:

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Please contact the main office at 438-7858, ext. 117 or timain@tialbany.org.


Hadar is truly a showplace.  But we’re more than just a “pretty face”!  We feel sure that by presenting traditional and unique Judaica, books, and music in a beautiful way, that we are increasing and enhancing our community’s observance of Judaism. For this, we are very proud!

  • Ritual Objects
  • Tallesim and Tefillin
  • Giftware
  • Jewelry
  • Religious Texts
  • Ketubot
  • Books and Music
  • Special Services

Hadar enjoys a reputation that has spread far beyond our immediate community.  With customers as far away as Boston and Ohio, we have developed and extended a community of “out-of-town” regulars! You can join them!