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Originally our plans had been to create a pavilion following our 65th season, but given the current situation we are truly hoping to have this built and dedicated this summer. So we have decided to leap into plans to get this done now and we need your help!

This new Pavilion, aptly named BITAN/ביתן (Pavilion in Hebrew), is designed to serve as the heart of our outdoor activities.

The Bitan will be dedicated to our valued Eshkol community partners and friends, and will be the central hub for all things Israel at camp! It will be a space where campers can immerse themselves in the rich Jewish and Israeli culture. 

Anniversary Plaques


      We are thrilled to announce that we have now made available     Anniversary plaques for our Bitan. You can dedicate your plaque in honor or in memory of someone and even share a plaque with family or fellow Givah Alumni. Order your plaque below for the low cost of $180.


Help us create a lasting love for Judaism and Israel for generations to come!

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Givah B'Shana

In honor of our 65th Anniversary we are excited to launch Givah B’Shana, (Givah during the Year spun off the former Camp Choref that we all remember so clearly) which brings some of the fun and ruach of Camp Givah for campers and families to enjoy even after the camp season wraps up. We had programs, play, and snacks for the children, and were thrilled with interest from families.

Register for Givah B'Shana here!

Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyyar 5784