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One of the most widely observed Jewish rituals is the lighting of a candle and saying the Mourner’s Kaddish on the yahrzeit of a loved one.  Though the literal translation of the Yiddish word yahrzeit means “time of year,” it is understood to refer to the anniversary on the Hebrew calendar of an individual’s death.

At our weekly  services  the yahrzeit list for that week is read. The list includes names of people whose yahrzeit falls from that Saturday through the following Friday.

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This Week's Yahrzeits include:


October 21| 15 Cheshvan


October 22| 16 Cheshvan


October 23| 17 Cheshvan


October 24| 18 Cheshvan

David J.    Dickerman

Harry Ellowitz

Louis  Gewirtzman

Sylvia Neifeld

Morris Goldberg

Charles  Morse

Rose T. Ratner

Grace Rosenblum

Sumner Silton

Moe Fisher

Isaac Handin

Hyman Kalet

Sidney I.  Mauer

Sarah Meyers

Jenny Pfeiffer

Charles J. Rubman

Louis Silver

Mildred Sorkin


Morris Bernstein

Michael Freeman

George Greenberg

Esther Jacobson


October 25| 19 Cheshvan


October 26| 20 Cheshvan


October 27| 21 Cheshvan


October 28| 22 Cheshvan

Ann Morse

Goldie  Plow

David Smolensky

Lawrence Vener


Moses Ainspan

William Brody

Morris  Massry

Caroline  Sternbach

Samuel Pearlman

Bertha Ringel

Beatrice  Rosenbloom

Anne O. Kotzin

Doris Rosenblum





Wed, October 27 2021 21 Cheshvan 5782