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One of the most widely observed Jewish rituals is the lighting of a candle and saying the Mourner’s Kaddish on the yahrzeit of a loved one.  Though the literal translation of the Yiddish word yahrzeit means “time of year,” it is understood to refer to the anniversary on the Hebrew calendar of an individual’s death.

At our weekly  services,  the yahrzeit list for that week is read. The list includes names of people whose yahrzeit falls from that Saturday through the following Friday.

Honor your loved one’s memory by purchasing a Yahrzeit plaque. Yahrtzeit plaques are displayed on Memorial Boards in our Small Sanctuary (Beit Midrash).  To purchase a Yahrtzeit plaque, please click here  to fill out our on-line form.

This Week's Yahrzeits include:


March 23|1 Nissan


March 24|2 Nissan


March 25|3 Nissan


March 26|4 Nissan

Arthur Barrow

Jack Kassoff

Tillie Greene

Anna Mauer

Harry Ostroff

Esther Chaye Friedman\

Stanley Greenstein

Raymond  Laven

Bertha Rubman

Samuel Stein

H. Lester Byer

Arthur Hillinger

Violet Sanders


March 27|5 Nissan


March 28|6 Nissan


March 29|7 Nissan


March 30|8 Nissan

Sally Blank

Vera Kahn

Morris Koffsky

Minnie Wunsch Alter

Esther Geffner

Syril Kotzin

Samuel Margolius

Elaine Scher

Sylvia Swire

Clara Weinstein

Albert Togut

Bella Bronstein

Shirley Goldberg

Ruth Z. Schwartz

Leah Thomas Viner





Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783