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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Please join us for a meaningful day of Social Action and Tikkun Olam.  
Choose from a variety of in-house projects. All are welcome!!

Projects are filled on a first come, first served basis. Please sign up before Mitzvah Day!

Help us make our projects successful!

Please drop off the following items on or before Mitzvah Day!:

HYGIENE ITEMS:Travel Size: Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Soap, Lotion, Band Aids, Tissues, Brushes, Combs, Disposable Razors, Feminine Hygiene Products


PET SUPPLIES: NEW UNOPENED Dog & Cat Food, Treats, Toys, Stainless Steel Bowls

FOOD PANTRY ITEMS: Non-Perishable Food/Snack Items, Hygiene & Feminine Hygiene Products


Mitzvah Projects for 2023!

Mitzvah in Uniform: Learn about the Amazing Mitzvah Doers in our Community!
We will have a FIRE TRUCK from the Fire Department on New Scotland Avenue
The Albany Police Department will bring a dog from the Canine Unit
The Albany Police Department will bring a member of the SWAT Team
The Sheriff’s Department will be present and will make ID cards for kids in attendance

What mitzvot do our Community Mitzvah Doers do?
I am so glad you asked! Our community helpers are out there, everyday, saving lives and helping people being held or cared for in an unkind way. They help people that might need support having peaceful conversations and they help them work out their differences. Our Mitzvah Doers also help people when something is taken from them. They look for these items and try to find them so that they can hopefully be returned. These mitzvot are called:
Pikuach Nefesh: Saving a Life
Pidyon Shvuim: Redeeming Captives
Hava’at Shalom Bein Adam LaHavero: Bringing peace between people
Hashavat Aveidah: Returning lost articles

Personal Hygiene & Birthday Packs for Women at the Capital City Rescue Mission
We will be packing bags with a birthday card, blanket, sweet treat/snacks, journal, hygiene products, hand sanitizer, pocket calendar, Deck of Cards, Word Search/Dot to dot book, Portable small cup with cover, etc. These bags will be distributed to women coming to the shelter that have a upcoming birthday. 

Personal Hygiene Packs for Teens at Equinox
We will be packing bags with a kind card, blanket, sweet treat/snacks, journal, colored pens/pencils, hygiene products, hand sanitizer, Portable small cup with cover, flashlight, small stuffed animal, fun socks, etc. These bags will be distributed to teens in need.

1st - 3rd Grade Literacy Bags for Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region
Our goal is to make 40 bags for first grade-third grade. These bags will be filled with School supplies and books for targeted age.

Sandwich Making for IPH: Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless
We will be making PEANUT BUTTER and SUN BUTTER sandwiches. Our sandwiches will be going into a paper lunch bag with an applesauce squeezie, bottle of water, piece of fruit, and a sweet treat. We are looking to make a minimum or 100 lunches. The lunch bags will be decorated with colorful pictures and inspiring words by our volunteers prior to being packed.

Craft Kits for Albany PAL: Police Athletic League
We will be making kits for two age groups,  5-8 years old and 9-13 years old. We will make a craft kit in a ziploc bag that would be ready to go for any child within the age range that will be an easy activity for PAL leadership.

Packing Towels for St. Joseph’s House & Shelter
We will be collecting new and gently used towels for the Towel Project.  The towels will be rolled, tied with a ribbon, and a personal note in preparation for donation.

Friendly Wrapped Snacks for Ronald McDonald House Charities
Individually wrapped snacks with be decorated in a fun and friendly way and donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities to help bring a smile to a family at a time when it is most needed.

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784