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Shomrei HaBayit

One of our great strengths at Temple Israel is our members’ generosity. The Shomrei HaBayit, Guardians of the Home, voluntary dues initiative provides an opportunity for you to increase your support for Temple Israel. The categories, which are prominently displayed at the Sanctuary entrance, and will be highlighted in our weekly Shabbat Sheet and our monthly Bulletin, include:

$250 – Perachim  /  $500 – Chai  / $1,000 – Bonim  / $1,800 - Shomrei

We recognize and appreciate our 2023-2024 Shomrei HaBayit  who have gone above and beyond by providing additional donations to Temple Israel: 

Shomrei  Bonim  Chai  Perachim


Esther (z"l) & Morris (z”l) Massry & Family

Micki & Norman Massry

Dorothy M. (z''l) &

Warren Rosenblum



Linda R. (z”l) & Dan Hershberg 



Jonathan Carp &

Deborah Stayman 

Sheila & Paul Koppel 



Joanna (z”l) & Eric Fried 

Sally & Paul Goldberg

Rosalind & Gary Judd  

Gail Kendall & David Galletly

Shelley & Stephen Justa

Miller- Lubinski Family

Ellen & Rick Schwartz

Malcolm Sherman

Rick Werlin & Stuart Bader


                                  By taking advantage of our distinguished membership initiative, the Shomrei HaBayit, you will truly help                      be a guardian of our house and home. 

Join our Shomrei HaBayit below or contact the Main Office at 518-438-7858.

Temple Israel is grateful for the support of our donors who give to Temple Israel's operating budget by contributing over and above their dues. By joining Shomrei HaBayit , our distinguished membership initiative you will truly help be a guardian of our house and home.


Sun, April 21 2024 13 Nisan 5784