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High Holiday Appeal

Dear Friends,

Yom Kippur affords us time to reflect on both the year behind us and on the year ahead. This past year was another spent in trepidation as COVID continued to affect our mental and physical well being. But, the year ahead looks brighter as the updated booster gives us hope that we can all literally breathe a little freer and easier.

The Yom Kippur Appeal noted that we, as a community, are bound to one another through shared experiences. Whether from the joys of simchas, births of children, successes in life, time spent with friends and family, or from the sorrows cast by loss, our Temple Israel family has built a community whose foundation is based on shared experiences. These memories at once are our treasure and our comfort. The strands of those memories weave together a tapestry of life that defines us. Formed within this tapestry are images of those who are with us today, those from long ago, those who have just passed, and even has space for those who have yet to join us. It is a marvelous, awesome, and yet warm and inviting thing.

I am sending this letter to ask you all to keep adding to our tapestry. Keep making memories by taking part in our programs and volunteering your time, ideas, and passion.

No synagogue can operate without the participation of its members, both by being active in its programs and helping to support it financially. If you already donated to the Yom Kippur Appeal, thank you. If you have yet to do so, please take a moment now to make your donation. Your contribution will help address many critical needs in our synagogue, nursery school, and at Camp Givah.

Yom Kippur Appeal donations can be made on our website