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Yom Kippur Appeal - 5782


Dear Friends,

This Yom Kippur marked over 18 months of the pandemic crisis. Throughout those long months, Temple Israel has persevered, providing child and adult educational services, religious services, pastoral care, and cultural programs all while maintaining a safe environment for our members and children.

The Yom Kippur Appeal this year noted the extraordinary price associated with operating during the pandemic. We have experienced much higher than normal costs to clean, sanitize, and maintain our facility. In addition, we have had to purchase technical equipment and services to enable remote access for services, meetings, education, and programming. These costs are all in addition to the usual repair and maintenance costs associated with keeping an aging building operational.

To keep operations running without overtaxing our budget or endowments, we need your support. Your donations will be most appreciated and timely.


If you already donated to the Yom Kippur appeal, I thank you. For those of you who have not yet participated, please take this opportunity to make your donation. There are many critical needs that your contribution will help us address in the synagogue, nursery school, and at Camp Givah.


No synagogue can operate unless it has both the financial support and personal participation of its membership. So, please also consider volunteering for our many programs, committees, and events. Your time and creative input are just as vital and needed as your financial support.


For additional information, contact Rachael Schertzer, our Executive Director, at 438-7858, ext. 110. Remember that donations made before the end of the calendar year could reduce your current year income taxes. During the coming year, I hope to see you at Temple Israel, albeit masked and appropriately and safely distanced, but see you none the less.


All the best for 5782,

Rick Schwartz



Sat, January 29 2022 27 Shevat 5782